A True Drug Story

by Brian Heffner

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Brian Heffner's debut project "True Drug Story" is
A collaboration of sounds and different genres
tells a story of relationships and experience
in which drugs have taken their toll
leading to the birth of a dark entity.
A personality who was build up inside
has now surfaced to tell everyone and anyone
exactly how he views life and humanity.
through the art of music,Who you ask?
Well I guess you'll just have to wait and see..


released January 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Brian Heffner Florida

A mix up of genres and influences, Brian heffner is a singer/musician from Florida who is just stepping into the music world as a solo artist. In the past he has been a part of numerous bands and projects in the Florida music scene and learned quickly he didn't like trying to fit in to any certain genre or scene. ... more

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Track Name: Intro ft. Ewan Lindo
A wine red kiss from her blood stained lips
they call her she devil but she wear a white dress
anytime we're alone the nights get faded
spend the day time intoxicated
barely conscious when I'm alone
should have took this red pill fuck this rabbit hole
now this film on replay when i close my eyes
hands on her thighs
hold on that nostalgia

I saw the invisible
And oh how it was beautiful
Yeah I saw the invisible
And oh how she was
But as fast as the wind blows
She comes and she goes
And as fast as the wind blows
She comes and she leaves
She devil
Those eyes dead red
She's evil
With a walk and a talk like
She ain't ever learned

But as fast as the wind blows
She comes and she goes
And as fast as the wind blows
She comes and she leaves
She devil

God damn
God damn
I done spent every nickel and dime on this love again
And don't know
Don't know
What to do
When I can't find
Find you
Cause in my mind I'm in heaven
And your heart is my world
But the skin that you live in is the devil him self
She devil
And it's that true drug story
Cause that true love boring
I can't fall in love with no hoe though
Find my in a coma from popping all your pills

Slow it down
Track Name: Phone Call
I ain't got the time for it
Every time she calling me
I ain't got no time for it
She be calling just to say she love me
But I ain't in the mind for it
Look me in my eyes and tell me you don't love
It's just a word baby don't you get it
I don't mean to be it
If you can see it clearly why you staying with me
Why you staying on the phone if you hate my tone

Don't tell me what I already know
Don't tell me what I'm turning into baby

So how you gonna turn into everything you say you hate
So how you gonna turn around and lie about what you say
Cause one day you love me
The next day you're on drugs
And the day after that you ain't answering when I need you to pick up
I don't mean to be it
If you can see it clearly
Why you staying with me
Why you staying on the phone
If you hate my tone
Don't tell me what I already know
Don't tell me what I'm turning into baby
I should have never picked up that phone baby
I should have let that dial tone roll baby
Track Name: In This Place
Every time I run away
You find me and you say that I should pray
For help
but I don't listen to a word you say
I'll be fine on my own
Cause if I get it then I did it on my own
And I need it
So if I never get it them I guess we know
Who was wrong
If I get it then I did it on my own
And I need it so bad

Leave me in this place for a while
Let me breath

If you seen me now
Oh I think you'd break me down
Cause I seen me now and I was you
I'd probably break me down too
I been in and out of things yea
And she been in and out of spaces
And while I'm blaming it on him and her
Well she was kneeling down and praying
Lord save him
From himself
He's on his way to hell
He can't stop what he started
And feels like we've been parting
And if he's burning
Show me warning
I don't wanna jump to morning right away

If I can get some time away
I swear it make my day
Track Name: Cardiac
I can feel it starting
Gain conscious back
But can't help but feel discarded
I can't help but feel like something gonna change
and I hope it comes with something for the pain
cause swear I'm loosing my mind
It could be all these ugly substances I've been taking
or maybe something that my sober mind can't take it
but I swear I'm loosing it

I can feel it starting
I gain consicous back
But can't help but feel discarded
Save me from myself before it gets crazy
Cause the room won't stop
and my heart gone drop if I see you
Cause if you seen me in this state is hate to see what you would say
Cause your the reason that I hate everything thing that they say
And when they pray and sing there songs
You know that I don't sing along
Some people judge me say that I'm just a druggy with no spine

Wake up in a panic and I grab for my gun but shit
I ain't ever owned one
Who's the man in the mirror
Who just stands there and stares back at me like I don't exist
I am an addict in my own eyes
But know it
I'm afraid to stay focused
Track Name: Outro
I'm not looking for no switch up baby
I'm not looking for no rewind
Cause if I knew what I knew back then yeah
I think id probably loose my damn mind
And if I snap
I know that I can't take it back
And if go to crazy
I know that there's no looking back

Don't look at me
I ain't in the place that I should be
Don't look at me
I ain't been the same sense you left
Don't look at me
Like you don't know what you did
Don't look at me
Like I'm the one who fucked up then
Don't look at me
Cause I'm not the one who fucked up then no

I'm sipping Molotov
Cause my love is gone
Contemplating and debating if my mind is blown
To many stones thrown in this glass home
To dodge 'em
But fuck
I grab the matter from that shatter
And cut I to the bone
Grab the matches, dutch, and buckets and we start the ruckus
Usually I'm home alone stoned listening to bastard
Nothing short of acid
Pass the paps blues
And any kinda fucking tablet
And I slip that bitch a
Just to see what fucking happen
I'm a fucking asshole
I guess but shit see
This isn't who my mother raised
Crazy insane deranged based from my mothers pain
And can't afforded to fucking eat
But then them bills are paid
and can't afford them fucking jackets for them raining days
But my mother was the least of worries
It was probably all them junkies she was chillin with
That had me crazy as shit
Got me wondering is she doing what they doing

It's mister lining all his exs up just to shot them down roll a blunt bumps some exodus

How you tell between the lies and the truth how you gonna fuck with me you know you stole my youth away what you gonna say

Flip it back to them high school days
A sobby faggot when I first saw her pondering face
She was depressed and had an ex and had a learning problem
I was a mess and wanted sex and had a learning problem too
But It wasn't far from that day that we got caught up in the rain
and she was crying cause that guy and jenny wolf had just walked by and they where talking underneath they're breaths
That's when it popped up in my fucking head
Tell her something that she wanna hear
Tell her love is something special that she should never fear
And tell her that she's looking beautiful
Even if she looking rugged
you love her so fuck it but
Short after she finds that I
had been chillin with girlfriend of that same guy
She came in said some bullshit and just jetted
It's safe to say I was not far behind I
Should have grabbed that bitchs neck right then
But instead I turned around and try to fight that shit
So just be honest if these condoms are for me or him
cause I'm not fucking and I'm wondering who the fuck he is
I'm in my mental I'm sceptic before you start that sentence make sure there no sharp objects up in my arms reach
Oh dog I got this gun
Maybe I should kill this bitch instead of giving a fuck
Track Name: Alternate Ending ft. Ewan Lindo
Oh shit what the fuck did I just do
to this bitch
I didn't mean to do it
I thought is wave it around
Maybe scare her a bit
I ain't mean to shot it
Que the music
Fuck that shit she deserved what she got
That's what the bitch gets for leading me on
Dial tone in my damn ear
Hope this fool gone pick up his phone
Shit I don't know what to do man
Can you help me through it?
I got the body in the back as the system slaps
and I'm tryna call E
Maybe he got a place for dropping hoes
I don't know
Fuck you dog pick up your phone
I need this bitch gone

Look at what you turned me into
I don't know who I am anymore